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Athena Review  Vol.1, no.2

The Roman Inscriptions of Britain (RIB): Index by site

Writings on altars, tombstones, milestones, and other dedication monuments including Legionary distance slabs from Hadrian's Wall and the Antonine Wall, together provide a wealth of historic sources on Roman Britain. These texts have been compiled into a two-volume work entitled The Roman Inscriptions of Britain (abbreviated RIB), edited by R.G. Collingwood and R.P. Wright (1965, Oxford, Clarendon Press). Volume 1 lists inscriptions on stone, and Volume 2 contains writings on other materials.  Each inscription is individually numbered and grouped by site. Thus, RIB-191 through -212 includes all catalogued inscriptions from Colchester. These listings are widely used by archaeologists, historians, and museums throughout Britain where many of the inscriptions may be seen.

The following inscriptions, listed by site with both modern and Roman place names, have been described or cited in Athena Review.  Countries are abbreviated as ENG (England); WAL (Wales); and SCO (Scotland). Brief descriptions of the monuments are included along with dates, when known. At the end are references to AR Vol.1, numbers 1 and 2, with pages as well as figure numbers if available. Links to several images of RIB inscriptions are also provided.

1. London (Londinium) ENG

2. Lympne (Lemanis)  ENG

3. Silchester (Calleva Atrebatum)  ENG

4. Chichester (Noviomagus)  ENG

5. Cirencester (Corinium Dobunnorum)  ENG

6. Colchester (Camulodunum)  ENG

7. St. Albans (Verulamium)  ENG

8. Leicester (Ratae Corieltauvorum)  ENG

9. Lincoln (Lindum)  ENG

10. Wroxeter (Virconium)  ENG

11. Caerwent (Venta Silurum)  WAL

12. Brecon Gaer   WAL

13. Caernarvon (Segontium)   WAL

14. Chester (Deva)  ENG

15. Manchester (Mamucium)  ENG

16. Templebrough     ENG

17. Staincross Common     ENG

18. Greetland     ENG

19. Castleford (Lagentium)   ENG

20. Adel     ENG

21. York (Eburacum)   ENG

22. Aldborough (Isurium Brigantium)  ENG

23. Norton  ENG

24. Ravenscar   ENG

25. Bowes   ENG

26. Ambleside   ENG

27. Hardknot (Mediobogdum)  ENG

28. Maryport (Alauna)   ENG

29. Penrith (Voreda)   ENG

30. Carlisle (Luguvalium)  ENG

31. Cumberland (Galava)   ENG

32. South Shields (Arbeia)   ENG

33. Risingham (Habitancum)  ENG

34. High Rochester (Bremenium)  ENG

35. Newcastle Upon Tyne (Pons Aelius)  ENG

36. Benwell (Condercum)  ENG

37. Rudchester (Vindovala)  ENG

38. Carrawburgh (Brocolitia)  ENG

39. Housesteads (Vercovicium)  ENG

40. Hadrian's Wall, Hotbank Milecastle, No. 38     ENG

41. Birrens   SCO

42. Cappuck   SCO

43. Newstead   SCO

44. Cramond   SCO

45. Bridgeness  SCO

46. Mumrills   SCO

47. Falkirk   SCO

48. Rough Castle   SCO

49. Castlecary     SCO

50. Castlecary   SCO

51. Croy Hill   SCO

52. Bar Hill     SCO

53. Auchendavy     SCO

54. Balmuildy and vicinity     SCO

55. Castle Hill and vicinity     SCO

56. Duntocher and vicinity     SCO

57. Old Kilpatrick and vicinity     SCO

58. Unknown Provenance in Britain 

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