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Upper Danube: Aquincum: grave relief at lapidarium


Aquincum's legionary camp and civilian town (canabae) were located near the midpoint of the northern Danubian frontier of the Roman Empire. In the 19th century, remains of Roman Aquincum were first excavated, leading to the eventual uncovering by archaeologists of major elements of its canabae, dating from the early centuries of the Empire.

The town contained a forum, basilica or law court, residential zones, commercial and craftsworkers' steets, and public theaters. Not far away  from the Arena was located the city marketplace. Today the market zone contains the site lapidarium, including  hundreds of gravestones from the necropolis or burial area, many with their sculptures (fig.1) still intact.

[Fig.1: Roman grave relief  with deep relief carving, now in the lapidarium at Aquincum.(© BFA Documentary Photography)]


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