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Aquincum: Roman courtyard with colonnade

Aquincum's legionary camp and civilian town were near the midpoint of the northern, Danubian frontier of the Roman Empire. In the 19th century, remains of the civilian town, as well as its amphitheater and gladiators' barracks, were discovered. Only 20 minutes by train from Budapest, Aquincum is Hungary's largest historical monument from the Roman era.

A town council of well-to-do citizens administered Aquincum, as it became an industrial, commercial, political, social and cultural center. Improved living standards came with the introduction of public utilities including courtyards with fountains, wells, and drains, public baths, market halls, and amphitheaters.

[Fig.1: Colonnaded courtyard with fountain at Aquincum (© 1999 BFA Documentary Photography).]

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