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Test places Roman villa under UK beet field    Nottingham Evening Post   6/21/2003

Orkney discovery may be the first farm in Britain    The Herald UK   6/20/2003

 Y chromosomes rewrite British history    BBC News   6/19/2003

 Rare flint tools unearthed at Norwich stadium may be 12,000 years old    BBC News   6/17/2003

Archaeologists unearth Britain`s first cave pictures     Guardian UK   6/15/2003

Sacrifice site dates back 4,000 years    Yorkshire Post UK   6/13/2003

Late Medieval pub uncovered in Lichfield     icBirmingham UK    5/28/2003

17th century wreck of H.M.S. Sussex to be recovered   New York Times    5/25/2003

15th century abbey found in Brentford; once held King Henry VIII's coffin  Hounslow Guardian   5/24/2003

Stonehenge burials of ca. 2300 BC open new windows on past    CBS News    5/22/2003

Lindisfarne gospels may date from ca. AD 720, same as Bede's Ecclesiastical History   BBC News    5/15/2003

Future secured for Credenhill Iron Age Hill Fort (ca. 200 BC)   BBC News    5/10/2003

Dartmoor farmer builds own Bronze Age style burial chamber    BBC News    4/30/2003

Battle to rescue Welsh "Newport Ship" (AD 1465)  is lost   Guardian UK    4/21/2003

 850-year-old carved dragon's head unearthed at UK construction site   Lincolnshire Echo   4/20/2003

13th century golden brooch, a love token with Latin inscription, found in Devon field   BBC News   4/13/2003

Original 17th century port of British East India Company sought near Surat, India  Times of India    4/09/2003

3,000 Iron Age coins found at pagan site   Daily Telegraph    4/08/2003

Two monoliths from the Avebury stone circle to be re-erected   BBC News 4/07/2003

Bronze Age barge (1300 BC) uncovered in Trent held paving stones    British Archaeology   4/05/2003

2nd c. AD Roman Bath excavated along Thames in East London  British Archaeology   4/05/2003

Medieval wall, gatehouses, and shops revealed in Coventry   icCoventry    4/02/2003

Remains of a timber mill recorded in AD 1086 uncovered in Stafford   BBC News   3/22/2003

Dark Age burial site for Christians (7-9th c. AD) found beneath English school playground  BBC News   3/19/2003

  Cellars from three Saxon buildings uncovered in Norwich     BBC News    3/14/2003

Mesolithic house remains in Howick, Northumberland date from 7800 BC  BBC News 3/03/2003

Stonehenge and Avebury farmers agree to conserve land where Druids walked   Western Daily Press    3/01/2003




Further digs planned at bog where Iron Age man’s body found   Irish Examiner    5/26/2003

Remains of 1,000 year castle found in Portrush  Belfast Telegraph   5/22/2003

Well-preserved body from Midlands bog 500-2000 years old   Irish Examiner    5/16/2003

Remains of a medieval castle believed built by Irish chieftain Domnall O`Neill have been uncovered    UTV UK   5/11/2003

Knights Templar site (15-16th c) found in Galway?   Galway Advertiser   5/09/2003

Stones, bones, ancient pottery and glass discovered at Dungannon's Castle Hill open window on past  icNorthernIreland  5/06/2003

Archaeoastronomy Links Stone-Age Tomb Builders With Sun   Space Daily   4/27/2003

Stone Age tombs in Ireland built oriented to Sun's movement across the sky   BBC News  4/10/2003

Discovery of 13th Century Irish wood in the framework of Salisbury Cathedral    BBC News



Four mummified bodies from about 1000 BC found in Scottish isle of South Uist    CNN    3/19/2003




Medieval castle works unveiled    BBC News   6/14/2003


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