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 Tomb of Akhenaton’s scribe found     The Art Newspaper   6/21/2003

Archeologists find three new mummies in Cairo      News24   6/15/2003

 Egyptologists doubt mummy found in ancient burial ground is that of Nefertiti     OC Register   6/11/2003

Menya dig reveals church, winery, kitchen, meeting hall and reliefs    Egypt State Info. Service  6/11/2003

Queen Nefertiti's Mummy Found?   6/10/2003

Moses' Egyptian Name   Biblical Archaeology    5/30/2003

Pots dating to 3rd millennium B.C discovered in Abydos     Egypt State Information Service    5/28/2003

Tomb of Amenhotep III for emergency restoration        Egypt State Information Service   5/23/2003

Original David's psalms kept in Coptic museum   Arabic News    5/21/2003

Dig resumes at Tel al Hir citadel Egypt State Information Service   Egypt State Information Service 5/15/2003

The project of protecting Luxor antiquities wandering for 4 years    Egypt State Information Service    5/13/2003

 War on germs gets cutting-edge weapon from ancient world technique   EurakAlert    5/12/2003

Pharaoh's daughter Nasihu needs expert help   Times of India    5/09/2003

Egyptian Mummy's Life, Death Revealed    5/06/2003

 Historians must look for more sources   Gulf News (Bahrain)   5/05/2003

 Emory Museum returning Ramesses I to Egypt   Atlanta Journal   5/03/2003

Tomb of Amenhotep III (1390-1352 BC) in the Valley of Kings to be restored    Egypt State Information Service  5/02/2003

Canopic jar with organs of ca.1400 BC Egyptian mummy being tested by UKscientist  BBC News   5/01/2003

 Search at Saqqara for a 6th Dynasty Pharaoh, King Userkare    Discovery Quest    4/28/2003

Tabbet al-Guesh yields 6th Dynasty Egyptian tombs    4/27/2003

 Ancient cities sought along Egyptian coastlines    Egypt State Information Service    4/27/2003

 Uncovering Dangeil, lost Meroitic capital in Nubia   Discovery Quest    4/24/2003

 Spanish project to restore Abi Serga Church in old Cairo    Egypt State Information Service   4/24/2003

Tuthmosis’columns back up In Karnack    Egypt State Information Service    4/18/2003

Drowning the Past: Desert Project Threatens Pre-Pharaonic Egypt    Archaeology Odyssey    4/17/2003

Oldest surviving Egyptian dress (from 3000 BC) made of pleated linen   4/13/2003

1st Dynasty burials (ca. 3200 BC) from Saqqara have oldest known mummies    4/08/2003

 Egyptians unearth first attempt at embalming     Egypt State Information Service    3/25/2003

 The Establishment of Alexandria, The Mermaid of the Mediterranean    Egypt State Information Service   4/07/2003

Did a lake sink ancient Egyptian civilisation?    The Herald UK    4/04/2003

 Mother's Day origins - in ancient Egypt   Egypt State Information Service   3/28/2003

Ancient Egyptians respected human rights        Egypt State Information Service    3/20/2003

 Rosetta Region historical treasures in sorry state     Arabic News    3/15/2003

 Temple of Pharoah Nectanebo I (380-361 BC) found in Western Egyptian Desert   Egypt State Information Service    3/15/2003

 Memphis, long neglected as a site, now studied by Russian Institute for Egyptology    Al-Ahram Weekly    3/14/2003

14th c. BC sculpture of Queen Ti (mother of Akhenaton, wife of Amenhotep III) at Luxor   Egypt State Information Service    3/06/2003

 Byzantine treasure (4c AD) found by Hungarian mission in Alexandria   Egypt State Information Service   3/03/2003

Dig days: Road to Abydos     Al-Ahram Weekly    3/02/2003

 Saharan rock art (ca. 4000 BC) may give clues to nomad ancestors of ancient Egyptians   Guardian UK   3/01/2003

Cleopatra’s Quarter found submerged on Antirrhodos Island in Alexandria (AR 1,3)

Frankincense at a fortified Nubian town; new evidence of ancient commodity (AR  2,1)

Beer and bread at the worker's village at Amarna, Egypt, 1350 BC (AR 1,2)

Napoleon's Lost Fleet found in Harbor near Alexandria (AR 2,2)

Early Egyptian alphabet (AR 2,3)

Valley of the Golden Mummies (AR 2,4)

Cosmetics of ancient Egypt  (AR 3,2)









Medieval Portuguese sites unearthed in Morocco    Arabic News   6/15/2003






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