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 Ayodhya Update: Babri Masjid not built on temple    India Express   6/18/2003

Cultivation of rice might have begun in India?    Times of India   6/17/2003

Dig Finds No Sign of Temple at Indian Holy Site in Ayodhya    Reuters   6/11/2003

Ancient vessel could help shed light on centuries-old link with Arabs, Jews and Europeans    Gulf News   6/9/2003

Antiquities dating from the 7th-1st centuries BC unearthed at Sirpur  India Times   5/21/2003

 9th Century Jain sculpture found near Kamudhi  News India   5/16/2003

Buried palace of Gaur-Excavations in Malda throw light on medieval Muslim capital in northern Bengal   Frontline  5/13/2003

Sanjan shards help piece together Parsi history  Times of India   4/20/2003

Al Ain seminar showcases archaeological excavations   Khaleej Times Online   4/05/2003

Stone anchor find prompts marine excavation in India   Times of India   3/26/2003

Experts unearth Satavahana trade post    Express India  3/17/2003

Update: Excavations Begin Under Pressure at Ayodhya 3/11/2003

Ancient seals found at Hatab excavation site-India  Times of India   3/08/2003

Archaeology group discusses Lahore Fort preservation plan   International News   3/07/2003

India's Court Orders Excavation of Disputed Site of Demolished 16th Century Mosquein Ayodhya    3/05/2003

Pune team unearths ancient city     Times of India    3/02/2003






 World Heritage Site hostage to caretakers-Renovators barred from Khan Jahan   Ali Mazar, Bangladesh Daily Star  5/30/2003









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