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The modern sacking of Nippur (July, 2003)

Nippur, famed fertile crescent city 200 km south of Baghdad, held the main temple of Enil, principal diety of the early Sumerian civilization from about 3500-2500 BC. Nippur has yielded numerous clay tablets with cuneiform inscriptions, telling of the city’s long history from Sumerian through Akkadian and Babylonian times. Here the law code of Hammurabi of Babylon prevailed in the 2nd millenium BC. Overall, the city was inhabited for nearly 5000 years, into the 9th century AD.

Sadly, many of Nippur’s structures, tombs, and artifacts, including its priceless cuneiform tablets, are currently being looted in the lawless aftermath of Saddam Hussein's fall. Today this world heritage site, now in a state of serious decay, is being routinely desecrated by thieves. A site guard for University of Chicago excavations (in progress since 1980) can only watch while well organized armed looters invade the site at night. Isin, Another Mesopotamian site supposedly under protection, has been almost completely destroyed. (



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