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Giza: The Pyramids  (photo: Frith, 1858)

Fig.1: The Pyramids at Giza (photo: Frith et al. 1862).

This calograph of the pyramids at Giza was taken in 1858 by Francis Frith, and published four years later as part of a collection on Egypt. At left are the pyramid of Menkaure and three smaller Queens' pyramids. The tallest of the pyramids, at center, is the pyramid of  Cephren, retaining some of its limestone facing at the top. At right is the pyramid of Cheops (Khufu).

The figures in the foreground, including three seated men and a mule, and the tiny figure of a grazing horse or donkey  in the middle distance are typical scale devices of a Frith composition, known also for high standards of clarity and focus which he obtained from the calotype process.

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