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Coffin and mummy mask of Neskhons, a 21st Dynasty Theban Queen

Neskhons (ca.1003-973 BC), the second wife of Theban High Priest Pinodjem II, appears to have died prematurely.  Neskhons' mummy indicates that she was an attractive young woman,  about 30 years old at the time of her death.

Given her unexpected death, she was buried in a set of coffins (inner and outer) originally made for another woman named Isiemkhebt, whose name is written on the coffin in hieroglyphic script.

This may have been either of two  woman of that name.  Isiemkheb "D", the first wife (and sister) of Pinodjem II , survived both Neskhons and Pinodjem. According to some sources, she was was buried in a second set of coffins which she had made after the death of Neschonsu (CESRAS).

Other sources propose that another royal woman, identified as Isiemkheb "C", who was probably the wife of the Theban High Priest Menkheperre-A (1042-992 BC), was the owner of the coffin used for Neskhons (Kitchen 1997).

: Detail of mummy mask and upper portion of the painted coffin of Neskhons, originally made for a woman named Isiemkheb (photo: CESRAS)


Kitchen, K.A. 1997. The Third Intermediate Period.

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