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Valley of the Kings: map of tomb locations

This section was one of the most heavily used for royal tombs. It includes the famous tomb of Tutankhamen. Map numbers are shown, with a prefix of "KV" for Valley of the Kings. (Links are provided to image indexes for individual tombs.)

KV 5: Tomb of the sons of Ramesses II
KV 6: Tomb of Ramesses IX
KV 7: Tomb of Ramesses II
KV 8: Tomb of Merenptah
KV 9: Tomb of Ramesses VI
KV 10: Tomb of Queen Takhat
KV 11: Tomb of Ramesses III
KV 12: Tombs of Dyn.19 and 20 royal family members
KV 35: Tomb of Amenhotep II (later a cache for royal mummies)
KV 49: Unknown; possibly used as a storeroom.
KV 55: Unknown; tomb of several burials from El Amarna.
KV 56: Tomb of a child of Seti II and Queen Tausert
KV 57: Tomb of Horemheb
KV 58: Storeroom of funerary equipment for Ay
KV 62: Tomb of Tutankhamen
Fig.1: Tombs in Valley of the Kings (after Theban Mapping Project).

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