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Medum: Mastaba tombs near the Pyramid of Snofru (1843)

Ruins of tombs beside the Pyramid at Medum (Denkmaler v.1, 1849) .

This lithograph from the German Expediton of 1843-7 shows remains of mastaba tombs at the southwestern corner of the 4th Dynasty Pyramid of Snofru at Medum. These tombs are among those numbered 17-24 on Petrie's (1892) plan of the site.

Nearby in the North Cemetery at Medum are sixteen other tombs, including the twin mastabas of two married pairs of nobles: Neferma'at and his wife Itet, and Prince Rahotep and his wife Nofret. Statues of the latter, found by Mariette in 1871,  are now in the Egyptian Museum.


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