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Lahun: plan of 12th Dynasty town

Plan of the 12th Dynasty town at Lahun (Petrie 1890, 1891).

The 12th Dynasty town at Lahun dates from the time of the construction of the pyramid of Senusret II (1897-1878 BC). The town was laid out in a grid plan and surrounded by a wall, as shown in this plan by Petrie (1890, 1891). In the southwest corner lay the Valley Temple of  Senusret II, linked ceremonially with  the pyramid which lay about 1 km to the west.  In the northern part of the town were an acropolis and public market.

Blocks or ranks of workers' houses are clustered along the western wall, in an area separated by a wall from the rest of the town. Detail (1) includes three pairs of smaller houses of nearly identical layout in rank B, built for the families of craftsworkers.

 Near the center of town, in the area of detail (2), are larger structures with atrium-like open spaces. These were houses of officials or town administrators.

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