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5th Dynasty pyramids and mastabas at Abusir

Group of pyramids and mastaba tombs at Abusir [Google Earth]

Abusir, located just north of Saqqara, contains a number of 5th Dynasty pyramids and a necropolis of mastaba tombs. 

Central in the grouping in this image is the eroded brick core of the stepped pyramid of Nefirirkare (A),
third king of the 5th Dynasty. The pyramid, dating from 2477-2467 BC, is the largest  at Abusir. It was originally 106 meters wide and 72 meters high, although it was still unfinished at the death Nefirirkare. Like many other pyramids, it was stripped of its stone coverings during the Roman period. Today much eroded, the pyramid of Nefirirkare is 50m high.

Also seen in this image are the Pyramid of Niuserre (B),  the stepped pyramid of Sahure (C), the Mastaba of Ptershepses (D), The Pyramid of Raneferef (E), two small pyramids first identified by Lepsius in 1843, called Lepsius 24 (F) and Lepsius 25 (G), and the small Pyramid of Khentkawes (H).

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