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Dahshur: plan of the pyramids (4th and 12th Dynasties)

Pyramids at Dahshur

Six pyramids are known in the uplands of Dahshur (the buff-colored area on the left) over an area of about 8 sq. km shown in this map. The two earliest pyramids were built by Snofru, first pharoah of the 4th Dynasty. Another is still unidentified. Three later pyramids placed nearer the Nile date from the 12 Dynasty.

For five of these pyramids a valley temple has been identified, lying at the edge of the Nile Valley (the green area at right) and connected with their respective pyramids by a procession road. Two 12th Dynasty town settlements have been found close to the pyramid of Amenemhet II. Another town and pyramid complex for this king is located further south at Lahun.

Dahshur was first excavated by the French archaeologist De Morgan in 1890-1895.

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