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Deir el Bahri: Temples of Mentuhotep and Hatshepsut (1870 photo)

Deir el Bahri: Temples of Mentuhotep I at left, and Hatshepsut at right (photo: Beato 1870). 

The 11th Dynasty mortuary temple of Mentuhotep I (2060-2010 BC), on the terrace at left, is set amid massive cliffs on the western Nile bank at Thebes, as shown in this 1870 photo by Antony Beato. Mentuhoteps' name meant "Montu is content," referring to the Theban god of war. A number of the administration officials who served under Mentuhotep have tombs in the same site.

The later temple at right was dedicated to the 18th Dynasty Queen Hashepsut (1498-1483 BC). Constructed of limestone, it rises in three tiers to rock cut tombs at the base of the cliff.

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