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Dendera: Kiosk on roof of Temple of Hathor (1849 photo)

Kiosk on roof of the Temple of Hathor at Dendera (photo: du Camp, 1852, pl.17).

This view, showingt a small temple-like construction or "kiosk" on the roof of  the Temple of Hathor, was taken by Maxime du Camp in 1849. The photo was published in his 1852 work Egypte, Nubie, Palestine, Syrie.

Du Camp's caption (p.57) reads: "Great Temple of Dendera (Tentyris).  Hypethre" [kiosk] "built on the terrace. Contains only empty cartouches." [i.e., for royal names written in hieroglyphs]. "Seems to date from the Antonines and to have been dedicated to Hathor."

Sculptured heads of the goddess Hathor, similar to those on the column capitals of the temple facade, are seen on the capitals of the four colonnades of the kiosk.

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