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Temple of Cleopatra at Ermont (1857 photo)

Temple of Cleopatra at Ermont (photo: Frith 1862). 

Erment (Greek Hermonthis) is a town located 20 km south of Thebes.  In the Middle Kingdom (11th Dynasty) it held a temple to Montu, a bull-like diety worshipped for warlike powers. The temple was rebuilt in the 12th Dynasty and, later, in the New Kingdom by Thutmose III in the 18th Dynasty. According to legend, Ramesses II invoked Montu as a war god in the battle of Kadesh.

The site was later renewed during the Ptolemaic period, when Cleopatra erected a monument to her son Caesarion, now called the Temple of Cleopatra. This dates the temple to ca. 45-31 BC.

Later in the 19th century, some time after this photo was taken in 1857, the site was razed and replaced by a sugar factory. Only a pylon erected by Thutmose III is still standing today.


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