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Lahun: Mastaba tombs (12th Dynasty)

Mastaba tombs at Lahun at the south end of the Pyramid of Senusret II.

These tombs, located along the southern side of the pyramid, are of the type called mastabas for their low, elongated above-ground forms (from the Arabic word mastaba for "bench"). The tombs, of which four were excavated in 1913 by Flinders Petrie, Guy Brunton, and others, were used for burials of the royal family of Senusret II, who reigned at Lahun during the 12th Dynasty, from 1897-1878 BC.

All the tombs had been looted, but Tomb 8, furthest back in this image, still contained a cache of jewelry belonging to Princess Set-hathor, a granddaughter of Senruset II.

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