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Lahun: gold wristlets from Princess Sat-hathor's tomb

Wristlets from tomb 8 with carnellian beads and inlay (Brunton 1920, pls. 2+3 

Princess Sat-hathor-Ant, a grandaughter of Senusert II (1897-1878 BC) was buried in tomb 8 beside Senusert's pyramid. Ancient tomb-robbers who removed her mummy missed a hidden box of Sat-hathor's jewelry, found intact in 1913 excavations by Flinders Petrie and Guy Brunton (Brunton 1920).

The four wristlets shown here each have a single strand of tiny gold beads of cylindrical form, bound by a small clasp. Three of the necklaces have stones of carnellian set in gold, while the fourth (at right) has an inlay of gold, turquoise, and carnellan of the cross-shaped ankh symbol, associated with divinities.

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