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Luxor: Henattewy, the wife of Menna the artist

Relief sculpture of Henattewy from Luxor (AE 1914-1).

Henattewy and her husband Menna lived and worked around the court of Thutmosis III in Luxor during the 18th dynasty (ca. 1350-1300 BC). Hennattewy is shown in this relief sculpture as a young woman with distinctly styled long hair, holding an object that resembles an amulet.

She is similarly portrayed  in several of the paintings in the Luxor tomb of her husband Menna, who became a successful artist under the patronage of Thutmosis.  In several scenes Henattewy is shown with a scribe's palette, and so was probably literate. She and Menna had several children, including a son who followed in Menna's footsteps as an artist, and a daughter named Amenemwhasket who became a lady in waiting in the court of Thurmosis III.

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