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Medinet Habu, propylon (1849 photo)

Medinet Habu, propylon (photo: du Camp 1852, pl.47 ).

This image by du Camp shows the outer gateway or propylons of the mortuary temple of Ramesses III. The propylon itself dates from the time of the Roman emperor Antoninus Pius (AD 138-161).

Du Camp's caption reads: "Medinet Habou, propylons of the Thutmoseum. The construction was done under Antonius Pius. The cartouches read: ' AUTOKRATOR - KAESAR -  TITUS - AELIUS - HARIANUS - ANTONINUS' ."

"The doorway between the two columns is more ancient. The images that decorate it read: 'PTOLEMEE LATHYRE AND  PTOLEMEE  AULETE  RAISE  OFFERINGS  TO THE GODS  OF  THEBES  AND  HERMONTES.' "

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