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Medinet Habu, Eastern Peristyle in Temple of Ramesses III (1849 photo)

Eastern peristyle of the temple of Ramesses III (Du Camp, 1852, pl.51 ).

This image by du Camp from Medinet Habu shows an area of two pillars in the inner courtyard of the Temple of Ramesses III which once supported colossal statues of Osiris, but were defaced when the church was built inside the peristyle.

His caption reads:  "Medinet Habou, eastern part of the peristyle of the palace of Ramses Meiamou. The colossi of Osiris placed against the pillars were destroyed by the Christians when they built a church in the same enclosure of the palace. The cartouches say 'Solar ruler of justice, beloved of Ammon, Ramesses, leader of the land of Poun.' "


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