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Medinet Habu,  Pylon gateway (1857 photo)

Gateway of the  Pylon at Medinet Habu (Frith 1862).

The first pylon leads into an open courtyard, lined with colossal statues of Ramesses III as Osiris on one side, and uncarved columns on the other. The second pylon leads into a peristyle hall, again featuring columns in the shape of Ramesses. This leads up a ramp  and through a columned portico to the third pylon, and then into the large hypostyle hall.  Reliefs show the encounters of Egyptian armies with the sea peoples, and foreign captives are portrayed from battles with Syria and Nubia.

This albumen print taken by Francis Frith in 1857 clearly shows the relief-covered gateway in the pylon to the Palace of Ramesses III.  


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