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Meidum: Prince Rahotep

Detail of the tomb sculpture of Prince Rahotep (Egy.Nat.Mus., Cario).

Prince Rahotep was a son of the 4th Dynasty King Snofru and his first wife. His name means "Ra is Satisfied". An inscription describing him as High Priest of Ra at Heliopolis was on the statue (shown above) at his mastaba tomb at Meidum. This painted statue showing a seated Rahotep, and another of his wife Nofret, were excavated in 1871 by Auguste Mariette. Nofret and Rahotep had three sons, named Djedi, Itu and Neferkau, and three daughters named Mereret, Nedjemib and Sethtet, all depicted in Rahotep’s tomb.

Rahotep had two brothers, the elder being Nefermaat I, and the younger named Ranefer. Rahotep died before the death of his father, Snofru, and a half-brother nanmed Khufu became the next pharoah.


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