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Medum: statue of Prince Ranefer, 4th Dynasty

Statue of Ranefer, youngest son of king Snofru (Egy.Nat.Mus. Cairo).

Ranefer was the youngest of three sons of Snofru, the first king of the 4th Dynasty. Ranefer (whose name means "Ra is beautiful") as a young man worked as an overseer for Snofru. Like two elder brothers, Nefermaat I and Ranotop, however, Ranefer died before his father. The royal succession then went to their younger half brother Khufu, who became king after Snofru.

Ranefer was buried in one of the large mastaba tombs in the North Cemetery at Medum. His burial shows methods of mummification used in the Old Kingdom. His body was placed facing east, and his face was painted, with his eyes colored green. His internal organs were not, as later, placed in canopic jars, but were wrapped in linen.

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