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Medum: Map of Royal Tombs in the North Cemetery

Map of the tombs at Medum (After Petrie 1892 pl.5).

The site of Medum contains the pyramid of the 4th Dynasty king Seneferu (Snofru) and a number of related mastaba tombs, some located in a cluster on the east side of the pyramid, and others in the northern cemetery. Medum was mapped by the German Expedition in 1843-4, and first excavated by Mariette in the 1860s. It was later mapped in more detail in 1891-2 by Flinders Petrie, who reexcavated a number of mastaba tombs and identified several of the royal family members.

This plan shows 24 tombs recorded by Petrie, sixteen of which are in the North Cemetery. The latter include several large mastaba tombs identified by Petrie as the tombs of the sons of Snofru and their spouses. Tomb 6 held Prince Rahotep and his wife Nefert, tomb 8 held Prince Ranefer, and Tomb 16 held Nefermat and Atet.


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