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Medum: Tomb of Rahotep, painted and incised walls

A section of the painted wall in the tomb of Rahotep at Medum (Petrie 1892 pl 10).

This section of painted relief, found by Petrie (1892) in unusually good condition,  is from the entrance facade of the 4th Dynasty tomb of Rahotep at Medum. As Petrie's description notes,  the uppermost panel over the door, which extends past the upper left of the door, shows Rahotep observing boat-building. On the left side, below Rahotep, are scenes of servants, including a cattle herder, two slaughterers of a cow, and bearers of offerings of wine and sweet palm beer.

On the rigjht side of the doorway are four panels, including three fishermen drawing a net which has floats above and sinkers below. The next panel shows a fowler and a cowherd. Below are two more panels, each with three farm workers bearing producine in baskets on their heads.

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