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Medum: Tomb of Rahotep, recess and lintel decorations

Painted reliefs on the lintel and recess of the Tomb of Rahotep (Petrie 1892, pl 12).

This group of painted reliefs dating from the 4th Dynasty was found in the south end of the tomb of Rahotep. The lintel at top contains several highly decorative birds which themselves comprise hieroglyphic signs.  Just below the lintel is the seated figure of Rahotep at a table, taking account of his offerings. At left and right are lists of the offerings, many of which are described as "the very best".  As Petrie (1892) points out, in an unusual detail, some offering jars are shown as sealed, with cloth covers held on by bands. The arrangement of the offerings is also noted by Petrie as similar to those of the earliest tombs at Abusir and Giza.

Below Rahotep are figures of his children, whose names:  T'etta,  Atu, Nezen-Ab, Setet, Merert, and Neferku, are written beside them in hieroglyphic script. Part of this group of painted reliefs dating from about 2560-2550 BC are well preserved, and as Petrie (1892) observes, very finely painted.

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