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Abusir: Statue of Niuserre, 5th Dynasty

Fragmentary granite statue of Niuserre  [
Egyptian National Museum, Cairo]

Niuserre, the sixth king of the Fifth Dynasty, ruled  between ca. 2450-2425 BC. He was
the younger brother of Nefrefre, who became king on the death of their father Neferirkare Kakai.  When Nefrefre died prematurely, Nyuserre succeeded him and ruled for at least 24 years. Their mother was queen Khentkaus II.

In the Royal necropolis at Abusir. Niuserre built three pyramids for himself and his queens, and three more for his father, mother and brother. He also built one of the six 5th Dynasty sun temples at Abusir (of which two are extant, including his own), dedicated to the sun diety Ra.


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