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Thebes: 26th Dynasty sculpture of Mentuemhat, mayor of Thebes

Black granite head of Menteumhat from the Temple of Mut in Thebes (Cairo Mus., AE 14-1).

Meneumhat lived in the 25th -26th dynasties (ca. 700-650 BC) in Thebes. His mother was named Istemkheb, and his father was Nespetah, mayor of Thebes and the third Priest of Amun. Nespetah probably served in the reign of Shebitku (706-690 BC), one of the Nubian rulers of Egypt.

In the following Nubian reigns of Taharqa (690-664 BC) and his nephew Tantamani (664-653)
Meneumhat succeeded his father as the mayor of Thebes, and also became the fourth Priest of Amun in Thebes. He continued in these offices into the reign of Psamtik I (664-610), who conquered Thebes in 653 BC and began the Saite rule of the 26th Dynasty.

Meneumhat is shown in a number of sculptures, including a series of reliefs in the Temple of Mut in Thebes. Here Meneumhat is recorded as overseeing wedding arrangments for the King Psamtik's daughter Nitocris I.

Meneumhat had a series of three wives, including Neskhonsu, Shepanmut, and Wadjerenes.  Meneumhat was buried in tomb TT34 of the necropolis in Thebes.
Neskhonsu's tomb has also been recently located.

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