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Drovetti with expedition members (1817-1818)

Drawing of Bernadino Drovetti (center) with members of the 1818 expedition.

The Italian Bernardino Drovetti (1776-1852), consul general to Egypt in the Napoleonic era, periodically engaged in searches for antiquities in Egypt. This included an 1816 expedition to upper Egypt and Nubia which provided one of the earliest descriptions of Abu Simbel; and an expedition in 1818 with the French Director of antiquities.

In the image above, taken from the 1818 expedition, Drovetti is shown at center with his arm draped over a colossal sculptured head of Rameses II.
Drovetti's archaeological activites are set forth in a 1976 book by Brian Fagan, The Rape of the Nile.

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