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Jean-Baptiste Jollois, drawn by Dutertre (ca. 1798-9)

Jean Baptiste Prosper Jollois , drawn by Andre Dutertre in 1798-9 (Louis Reybaud, Histoire de l’expédition française en Égypte, Paris 1830-36, vol.8.

The French expedition to Egypt included a number of engineers who helped survey and study the resources of the country. Among these was Jean-Baptiste Prosper Jollois, an engineer of bridges and roads, who applied his surveying skills to Egyptian temples and monuments with precise engineering drawings.

The expedition members began with a topographic survey of Dendera, then moved south to Thebes, Edfu, and Philae in the summer of 1799, where they recorded the sites in plans, elevations, details of hieroglyphics and reliefs, and restorations.

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