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Valley of the Kings: detailed map of tomb locations in Eastern section

Tombs in Eastern section of the Valley of the Kings (after Theban Mapping Project).

This part of the Eastern sector of the Valley of the Kings was one of the most heavily used for royal tombs. It includes the famous tomb of Tutankhamun (KV 62), which is partly overlaid by the later tomb of Ramesses VI (KV 8).

 Links are provided to image indexes for some individual tombs.

KV 5: Tomb of the sons of Ramesses II
KV 6: Tomb of Ramesses IX
KV 7: Tomb of Ramesses II
KV 8: Tomb of Merenptah
KV 9: Tomb of Ramesses VI
KV 10: Tomb of Queen Takhat
KV 11: Tomb of Ramesses III
KV 12: Tombs of Dyn.19 and 20 royal family members
KV 35: Tomb of Amenhotep II (later a cache for royal mummies)
KV 49: Unknown; possibly used as a storeroom.
KV 55: Unknown; tomb of several burials from El Amarna.
KV 56: Tomb of a child of Seti II and Queen Tausert
KV 57: Tomb of Horemheb
KV 58: Storeroom of funerary equipment for Ay
KV 62: Tomb of Tutankhamun

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