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Featured subject areas:

  • fossils and research pioneers; the history of paleontology
  • types of living beings: classification methods,  and glossary of terms
  • the earliest evidence of life on Earth
  • ancient rivers as sites of life, preserved in rock layers
  • early vertebrate fossil record: from chordates to tetrapods
  • synapsids: the ancestors of mammals
  • mammal evolution in the Mesozoic and Tertiary eras
  • mammal groups: primates, canids, and equids [humans and apes, dogs, & horses]

2. A  survey of Roman-era farming sites in Libya

  • Between 100 BC and AD 700, a prosperous civilization of north Africans farmed the edges of the Saharah desert, using ingenious irrigation methods
  • Satellite imagery reveals hundreds of towns abandoned since the 8th c. AD
  • Archaeologists have reconstructed their town plans and elaborate irrigation systems

3. Archaeology of the Near East: sites and civilizations [300 BC-AD 1200]

  • Israel: explorations of the Temple Mount and other sites in Jerusalem
  • Syria: Roman and Early Christian sites
  • Turkey: photographic records of Byzantine churches
  • Iraq: the lost city of Samarra, a major Islamic capital

4. Ancient Egypt and Nubia: sites and exploration  

  • History of the first explorations of Egypt, and the translation of hieroglyphic writings
  • Records of the Graeco-Roman era preserved in Fayum papyrus documents
  • Nubian kingdoms in the Late Egyptian period

5. Pompeii and Herculaneum:  

  • keywords: bath, temple, inscription, graffiti, theater, forum, house, atrium, painting, mosaics.

6. Early Medieval France:  From Roman Gaul to Merovingian

  •  Romanesque architecture and sculpture
  • keywords: Gothic, Romanesque, cathedral, chateau, town wall, pottery, inscription, relief, sculpture



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