Athena Publications announces a new book series:

Original Sources in Exploration

A set of primary works in archaeology and history. The complete original text and figures, plus new notes, maps, and illustrations. Upcoming titles include the following:

Amelia Edwards, Pharaohs, Fellahs, and Explorers. A lively narrative of the first excavations by Flinders Petrie and Maspero, among others, of ancient towns along the lower Nile. An excellent introduction to Egyptology, written by a nineteenth century novelist.

Charles Cochin and M. Bellicard, Observations on the Antiquities of Herculaneum. The Mid-18th century rediscovery of the sister city of ancient Pompeii, buried by Vesuvius in AD 79. Early drawings of the Roman theater, murals, sculpture, and other finds.

William Dampier, Voyages (2 vols). Narratives of a 17th century British navigator and naturalist on the terrain, towns, people, and pirates he encountered along the Caribbean and Pacific coasts. Detailed maps, and drawings of tropical flora and fauna.

George Dennis, Cities and Cemeteries of Etruria. (2 vols.). Early, 1840's account of the archaeology of the Etruscans, forerunners of the Romans in Italy. Numerous site plans and illustrations by the author.

Rodolfo Lanciani, Ancient Rome. A guidebook to well-known finds in the Forum, Capitoline Hill, and other central zones by one of the archaeologists involved in late 19th century excavations.

Heinrich Schliemann, Ilios. Description of the first large-scale excavations at Troy, the famed city of Homer's Iliad. Hundreds of artifacts and site areas are illustrated, including pieces of "Priam's Treasure", which only recently reappeared in the collection of the Pushkin Museum.

Paul Marcoy, Travels in South America (2 vols). Highly readable accounts of Amazonia by a 19th century French writer and botanist. Abundant maps, illustrations, and descriptions of native villages.

Peter Martyr d'Anghera, New World Chronicles (2 vols). The first written accounts of Spanish explorations in the Caribbean, Mexico and Central and South America, recorded by Peter Martyr d'Anghera, the Italian historian at the court of Ferdinand and Isabella.

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