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Athena Review   Vol.1, no.2

Romano-British Sites and Museums (part 2):

A guide to towns, villas, and regional museums.

The Roman era in Britain lasted for four centuries, with continuous Roman occupation from AD 43 to 410. Hundreds of archaeological sites representing mixtures of Roman and native British cultures are known in England, Wales, and Scotland, ranging from large forts and towns to individual villas and small farms. Evidence of daily life during the Roman period may be seen at a variety of sites and museums, including many local and regional displays featured in this guide.

The Guide to Romano-British Sites and Museums (beginning in part 1 with Forts and Military displays) continues here with Roman towns, villas, regional and local museums, and other (non-British) Roman collections in the UK. Wherever available, related Internet links are provided.

III.. Romano-British towns and related museums: (Roman name of town in italics):


* Museum at or near site.
BATH Roman bathhouse present.
CIV Civitas capitals (England and Wales): towns established for tribal capitals, often in native market centers.
COL Coloniae: (England): towns established for legionary veterans and other Roman citizens.
LEG Legionary fortresses (England,Wales, and Scotland): The headquarters for each of the Roman legions in Britain.

IV. Roman villas & palaces

codes: * Museum at or near site.

BATH Roman bathhouse present.

V. Museums with regional and local collections from Romano-British sites:

a. England:

b. Scotland: local and regional museums with Romano-British displays

c. Wales: local and regional Romano-British exhibits.

VI. Other UK museums with large Roman-era collections (from other regions, not primarily Roman Britain)

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