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Bulgaria: map of Thracian tomb sites

About 15,000 massive ground barrows dating from the ancient kingdoms of Thracia are still visible today in the hills and flatlands of the Balkan Range of Bulgaria, anciently called Haemus. From these, more than 350 tombs have been excavated  from the period between the end of 3rd millennium to the 4th century AD, with most dating between 500 and 200 BC.

A recent exhibit called "Thracian Treasures" which toured the US showed artifacts selected from many of the Bulgarian tombs. The stylistic features and skilled workmanship of these ancient Thracian objects, displayed for the first time in North America,  represent a major source of information on Thracian history, culture and art.

[Fig.1: Map of Bulgaria with Thracian tomb sites (Athena Review).]


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