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Upper Danube: The Military Amphitheater at Carnuntum

Carnuntum became a base for military operations led by Tiberius against the Marcomanni, a Germanic tribal confederacy. Between AD 35 and 40, legio XV erected a military camp initiating Roman settlement in Carnuntum, which became one of the largest and most important fortresses on the Danube.

The municipium or civilian town of Carnuntum (now an open air museum) lies beneath the modern town of Petronell. Excavated residential and commerical zones of Carnuntum contain areas of private houses and workshops, streets of retail stores, public baths, and lavatories. In a hollow 100 m northeast of the camp was built the military amphitheater, with a special loge or seating area for the Roman governor (fig.1).

[Fig.1: Governor’s loge at the military amphitheater in Carnuntum (© 1999 BFA Documentary Photography).]

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