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Map of the Voyage of Cortés (1519-1521)


Late in February, 1519, the fleet of 11 ships under Cortés landed around Cozumel Island, where they stayed for several weeks. After finding Aguilar and Guerrero, sole survivors of the 1511 Valdivia shipwreck, they sailed west along the Yucatán coastline to Laguna de Terminos and Campeche, then to the mouth of the Río Grijalva, where on March 19 they met Chontal Maya from the town of Potonchán. After a series of battles, Cortés and his men proceeded west to San Juan de Ulua and Cempoala, where they began their march inland to Tenochtitlan, the capital of the Aztec empire.

[Fig.1: Route of the Cortés expedition, 1519-1521.].

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