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Map of the Gulf of Mexico from Cortés Expedition (1524)

This 1524 map of the Gulf of Mexico was made using information from the Cortés voyage of 1519-21. The map's orientation places south at top. Here the western tip of Cuba (Cabo San Antonio) is at left, and the Río Panuco is at right.

Yucatán is depicted  inaccurately as an island, and the Laguna de Terminos as a strait (two red islands). The map, however, also contains much valuable new information on rivers. In another map section representing the northern part of the Gulf of Mexico (not shown here), the Mississippi River is mapped for the first time, and Florida is correctly shown as a peninsula, based on the findings of Ponce de Leon.

[Fig.1: 1524 map of the Gulf of Mexico from the Cortés voyage (after Winsor 1885).]


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