Athena Review: Recent Finds in Archaeology: Excavating Prehistory and History

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Athena Review

Journal of  Archaeology, History, and Exploration

Recent Finds in Archaeology: Excavating Prehistory and History


  • Teosinte likely ancestor of maize; genetic studies show closer links (AR 1,3)

  • Guilá Naquitz squash (cucurbits) are oldest plant domesticates in Mesoamerica (AR 1,3)

  • Early maize levels  in terraced village complex in northern Mexico (AR 1,4)

  • Early ballcourts in southern Mexico: signs of complex society (AR 2,1)

  • Cacao in Mayan Preclassic (AR 3,3)

  • Cancuen, a new Maya city (AR 2,4)

  • Mayan King in La Milpa, Belize  burial, AD 450 (AR 1,2)

  • 200 yr drought from 800-1000 AD in Maya lowlands  linked to more images of rain god Chac (AR 1,1)

Central America

Caribbean Antilles:

  • Submerged Taino house floor  is part of a Precolumbian town (AR  2,1)

South America:

  • Earliest Paleoindians may have lived in the Amazon rainforest; Caverna da Pedra Pintada in Brazil (AR 1,2)

  • Terminal Pleistocene Marine Adaptations on the Peruvian Coast at Quebrada Tacahuay and Quebrada Jaguay (AR 2,2)

  • Chile's ancient mummies yield information on infectious Native American diseases (AR 1,4)

  • City of Inca Mummies near Lima (AR 3,2)

  • Giant fish weirs identified in Bolivia (AR 3,1)

North America: Southwest

  • Tucson Nomads quickly settle down- new data on Southwest irrigation (AR 1,4)

  • A camp for Coronado identified at the Owens site near Lubbock, Texas (AR 1,2)

  • Cannibalism at Cowboy Wash (AR 2,4)

North America: Southeast

  • Updating James Fort, America's first successful colony at Jamestown (AR 3,3)

  • Jamestown droughts: tree rings give causes of colony’s hardship (AR 2,1)

  • Shipwreck of early Spanish colony found at Emmanuel Point, Pensacola Bay, Florida (AR 1,1)

  • Spanish Shipwreck in the Tortugas recovered by robot archaeologist (AR 1,3)

  • Key Marco Cat, a Calusa carving on display (AR 1,1)

Near East

  • Discovery of "Jesus" inscription on ancient Jerusalem burial box (AR 3,3)

  • Identification of the Initial Site of Einkorn Wheat Cultivation (AR 2,1)

  • Ancient Egyptian Settlement at Halif, 3000 BC (AR 1,3)

  • Resurfacing of a biblical -era fishing boat, 50 BC (AR 1,1)

  • Early Vintage: 1st evidence of wine, in Iran’s Zagros mountains (AR 1,1)

Turkey and Asia Minor:

  • Catal Hoyuk gains new Neolithic context (AR 2,3)

  • In pursuit of Priam’s treasure; German-Russian rivalry over gold from Troy (AR 1,1; 1,2)

Central Asia:

  • A new Khazarian fortress (AR 2,4)

  • Buddhist monuments destroyed by Taliban in Afhanistan  (AR 3,1)

  • Rebuilding the Buddhas of Bamiyan  (AR 3,2)

Far East:


  • New Angkor sites discovered from the Air: Kapilapura mound and Sman Teng temple group (AR 1,4)


  • Earliest rice in China on Yangtze River; may be hearth of the world’s oldest major food crop (AR 1,3)


  • New Ainu village site identified at Onekotan, Kuril Islands (AR 2,2)


  • Fluted point found In Siberia, whose Late Paleolithic sequence becomes more complex (AR 1,3)

Scandanavia and Vikings

  • Final Demise Of Norse Greenland: lack of fish remains baffles investigators (AR 1,3)

  • The Vinland Map, Revindicated? (AR 3,3)

Eastern Europe

  • Black Sea deluge may have spread agriculture during Neolithic (AR 1,4)

Egypt and the Nile

  • Cleopatra’s Quarter found submerged on Antirrhodos Island in Alexandria (AR 1,3)

  • Frankincense at a fortified Nubian town; new evidence of ancient commodity (AR  2,1)

  • Beer and bread at the worker's village at Amarna, Egypt, 1350 BC (AR 1,2)

  • Napoleon's Lost Fleet found in Harbor near Alexandria (AR 2,2)

  • Early Egyptian alphabet (AR 2,3)

  • Valley of the Golden Mummies (AR 2,4)

  • Cosmetics of ancient Egypt  (AR 3,2)

Italy and Ancient Rome

  • Nola and Poggiomarino: newly discovered Campanian sites (AR 3,3)

  • Marzabotto: Industry in an Etruscan town (AR 3,3)

  • New technology for deciphering Herculaneum papyrus texts (AR 3,1)

  • Earliest DNA evidence for malaria found in 5c AD Rome (AR 3,1)

  • Newly found Etruscan writing, the Cortona Tablet (AR 2,3)

  • Ice cores show atmospheric pollution in ancient Rome and China (AR 1,2)

  • Mystery city in mural from Nero's Golden House, Domus Aurea (AR 2,1).

  • Well-preserved Roman Ships at Pisa (AR 2,2)

  • Venice: Revealing patterns of the rising waters (AR 2,4)

France and Roman Gaul

  • Gallic Burials at Gondole, France (AR 3,3)

  • Dentistry in Roman Gaul: iron constitution needed for 1st century false tooth implant (AR 1,4)

  • Trials and Trepanations: early cranial surgery in Mesolithic France (AR 1,4)

UK and RomanBritain

  • Drumanagh: a possible Roman fort in Ireland, AD 79-138  (AR 1,1; 1,2)

  • Stonehenge revisited (AR 3,1)

  • London's Leading Lady (AR 2,3)

abbreviations: mya=million years ago;  BP=years before present

 [All articles listed here are contained in the printed issues of Athena Review (AR).]

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