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Gomara's account of Córdoba, Grijalva, and Cortés (1552)


Francisco López de Gómara (1511-1565) was chaplain and secretary for Cortés in the conquistador's later years, and served as his official historian. Cortés returned to Spain permanently in 1540.

Although Gómara never visited the Americas, he learned of the events of Cortes' 1519-21 expedition and conquest of Mexico from Cortés himself, as well as from Andres de Tapia who was a lieutenant during the conflict. Gomara's Historia de la Conquista de México, first published in Spain in 1552, was translated into English by Thomas Nicholas and published in London by Henry Bynneman in 1578 as The Pleasant Historie of the Conquest of the Weast India, now Called New Spayne.

[Fig.1: Page from the first English translation of Gomara's Historia.]


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