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Section of Antonine Wall foundation with drainage culvert

Exposed sections of the Antonine Wall at Hillfoot Cemetery, 1 mile from Bearsden in southwestern Scotland near Glasgow, shows careful construction methods used by Roman legionaries who built and maintained the Wall between 142 and 165 AD.  The Antonine Wall at this location was originally 4.3 meters wide, later widened to 5 meters. Each of the exposed basal sections has outside rows of large dressed curbstones and a drainage system. This culvert crosses a well- preserved basal section of the Wall at Hillfoot, showing the large boulders and cobbles used in the foundation. The Antonine Wall itself was made of turf (unlike Hadrian's Wall, which was built entirely of cut stone).

[Fig.1: Drainage culvert in Antonine Wall at Hillfoot (Photo: Athena Review).]

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