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Issue index:

Vol. 1, No 1:   Romano-British Sites & Museums I: Forts and military sites; Late Iron Age Celts; Angkor Wat; Peter Martyr.

Vol. 1, No 2:   Romano-British Sites & Museums II: Towns, villas, markets, baths; New World Voyages of William Dampier.

Vol. 1, No. 3:   New World Explorers I: South America & Caribbean; Vikings in Vinland; Rivers from Space.

Vol. 1, No. 4:   Sites & Museums in Roman Gaul I; Thracian Treasures; Buddhist Monasteries in Tibet.

Vol. 2, No. 1:   New World Explorers II: Yucatán; Great Basin Archaeology.

Vol. 2, No.2:   Maya Lowlands: Tikal, Palenque; Egyptian papyri; Sutton Hoo.

Vol. 2, No.3:   Romans on the Danube; Viking ships and sagas; Andean Petroglyphs.

Vol. 2, No.4:   Neanderthals Meet Modern Humans.

Vol. 3, No.1: Byzantine Cultures, East and West; Buried silk road cities of Khotan.

Vol. 3, No.2:   New World Explorers III: Peopling of the Americas

Vol. 3, No.3: Minoan Palaces of Crete: New Interpretations; El Mirón Cave, Spain

Vol. 3, No.4: Rediscovering Lost Civilizations: Reports from the Field.

Vol. 4, No.1: Homo erectus: current findings on an early human ancestor;  The prehistory of Sardinia

Vol. 4, No.2: The Flowering of the Gothic in Northern France: Gothic Art and Architecture from Paris to Picardie

Vol. 4, No.3: The Looting of Archaeological Sites: Looting and the Antiquities Market; Central America as a Case  Study; Bering Strait Legal Market in Antiquities


Athena Review

Journal of Archaeology, History, and Exploration

Records of Life:
Fossils as Original Sources


1. Introduction and geological periods

2. Early views of fossils

3. Strata

4. Point bars and meandering rivers

5. Classification

6. Precambrian life

7. The Phylum Chordata

8. Jawless fish (superclass Agnatha)

9. Placoderms to bony fish

10. Lobe-finned fish

11. Tetrapods

12. Amphibians

13. Sauropsid Reptiles

14. Synapsids 1: Pelycosaurs to Therapsids

15. Synapsids 2: Cynodonts to mammaliformes

16.  Middle and Late Permian Therapsids

17. Late Permian 2

18. Permian extinction; Triassic synapsids and reptiles

19. Mesozoic reptiles: Jurassic

20. Mesozoic Mammals 1

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