Issue index:

Vol. 1, No 1:   Romano-British Sites & Museums I: Forts and military sites; Late Iron Age Celts; Angkor Wat; Peter Martyr.

Vol. 1, No 2:   Romano-British Sites & Museums II: Towns, villas, markets, baths; New World Voyages of William Dampier.

Vol. 1, No. 3:   New World Explorers I: South America & Caribbean; Vikings in Vinland; Rivers from Space.

Vol. 1, No. 4:   Sites & Museums in Roman Gaul I; Thracian Treasures; Buddhist Monasteries in Tibet.

Vol. 2, No. 1:   New World Explorers II: Yucatán; Great Basin Archaeology.

Vol. 2, No.2:   Maya Lowlands: Tikal, Palenque; Egyptian papyri; Sutton Hoo.

Vol. 2, No.3:   Romans on the Danube; Viking ships and sagas; Andean Petroglyphs.

Vol. 2, No.4:   Neanderthals Meet Modern Humans.

Vol. 3, No.1: Byzantine Cultures, East and West; Buried silk road cities of Khotan.

Vol. 3, No.2:   New World Explorers III: Peopling of the Americas

Vol. 3, No.3: Minoan Palaces of Crete: New Interpretations; El Mirón Cave, Spain

Vol. 3, No.4: Rediscovering Lost Civilizations: Reports from the Field.

Vol. 4, No.1: Homo erectus: current findings on an early human ancestor;  The prehistory of Sardinia

Vol. 4, No.2: The Flowering of the Gothic in Northern France: Gothic Art and Architecture from Paris to Picardie

Vol. 4, No.3: The Looting of Archaeological Sites: Looting and the Antiquities Market; Central America as a Case  Study; Bering Strait Legal Market in Antiquities

Vol. 4, No.4: China

Vol 5, No.1: Records of Life: fossils as original sources


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  • Archaeology, and other natural sciences such as geology, biology, and paleontology, study material evidence provided by tangible remains, and the space they occupy.
  • Visual imagery, including maps, site and artifact photos, and aerial photos, provides key elements for successful research of such evidence.
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Featured subject areas where images are currently being added:

  • fossils and research pioneers; the history of paleontology
  • types of living beings: classification methods,  and glossary of terms
  • the earliest evidence of life on Earth
  • ancient rivers as sites of life, preserved in rock layers
  • early vertebrate fossil record: from chordates to tetrapods
  • synapsids: the ancestors of mammals
  • mammal evolution in the Mesozoic and Tertiary eras
  • mammal groups: primates, canids, and equids [humans and apes, dogs, & horses]

  • Between 100 BC and AD 700, a prosperous civilization of north Africans farmed the edges of the Saharah desert, using ingenious irrigation methods
  • Satellite imagery reveals hundreds of towns abandoned since the 8th c. AD
  • Archaeologists have reconstructed their town plans and elaborate irrigation systems
    3. Han letters from the Silk Road 
  • Personal and official documents from military outposts along the Great Wall of China, ca. 200 BC-AD 200
  • Archaeology of guard towers in northwest China
  • manuscripts in several scripts, some long extinct




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