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Athena Review

Journal of Archaeology, History, and Exploration Volume I, no. 1 Romano-British Sites & Museums, part I


· The British Museum, London
· Cambridge Univ. Museum
· Chichester District Museum
· Jewry Wall Museum, Leicester
· Vindolanda Roman Fort & Museum, Hadrian's Wall
· Arbeia Roman Fort and Museum, Hadrian's Wall


· Caerwent Roman Town
· Caerleon Fortress Baths and Legionary Museum
· Segontium Roman Fort
· Twyn-y-Gaer and Brecknock Museum
· National Museum of Wales, Cardiff
· Newport Museum


· Bearsden Roman Bath
· Hillfoot Cemetery, Antonine Wall
· Kinneil House, Antonine Wall
· National Museum of Antiquities, Edinburgh
· Rough Castle
· Watling Lodge
    Caesar's Landings in Britain
The Roman forays of 55 and 54 BC, told by Caesar himself.

Queen Boudicca's Revolt,
and the original Description by Tacitus.

Battling the Druids
Suetonius invades Anglesley Island.

Guide to Romano-British Sites and Museums, part I: forts and military sites

Hadrian's Wall
The northwestern frontier of the empire.

The Antonine Wall
Built in AD 142 as a barrier against uncontrolled northern tribes.

The Writings at Vindolanda
A major new source on daily life at a legionary fort.

Documentary Articles

The New World Chronicles of Peter Martyr
First historic accounts of Spaniards meeting Mayans.

Angkor by Satellite
The huge Khmer ceremonial complexes and reservoirs in Cambodia.

Journal Review: Antike Welt
The aqueduct at Side, Turkey.

 [All articles listed above are contained, in their complete form, in the printed issue.]  
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