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Athena Review

Journal of Archaeology, History, and Exploration Volume 3, no.4: 2003 Lost Civilizations: Reports from the Field
Recent Finds:
· Looting in Iraq

· Paleoanthropology: Homo sapiens from Ethiopia; Hominid reclassifications; South African hominids; Dating Lake Mungo burials

· Excavating Prehistory: Russian Pleistocene dogs; Lake Ushki, Siberia; Early agriculture in New Guinea; Dates for Pedra Furada rock paintings; Paleolithic cave art in Britain; World's oldest wheels

· Excavating History: Tel Rehov and King Solomon; Greek bronze satyr; Celtic coin horde in Britian; Ossuary owner arrested

Museum Reviews:
· Asia Society and Museum: The World of Buddhism Selections from the Asia Society's Mr. and Mrs John D. Rockefeller 3rd Collection reviewed by Michele A. Miller 

· Metropolitan Museum of Art: Art of the First Cities The Third Millenium BC from the Mediterranean to the Indus reviewed by Michele A. Miller

· Peabody Museum, Yale University: Machu Picchu Unveiling the Mystery of the Incas reviewed by Kathleen E. Brody


Archaeology on the Internet:
· Links on Tibet


Feature Articles:  

· Bringing to Light the Forgotten: Findings of a Comprehensive Inventory of Pre-Buddhist Sites in Upper Tibet by John Vincent Bellezza

· Searching for Prehistoric Aegean Harbors with GIS, Geomorphology, and Archaeology by Thomas F. Tartaron, Richard M. Rothaus, and Daniel J. Pullen

· The Western Black Sea Coast in the Eneolithic and Bronze Age: Underwater Archaeology - Methods and Results by Stiliyan Stanimirov

· Recent Excavations at the Ancient Town of Plataiai in Boeotia, Greece by Vasili Aravantinos, Andreas Konecny, and Ronald Marchese

· Byzantine Paleodiet and Social Status at Sa'ad and Yasieleh, Northern Jordan by Abdulla Al-Shorman

· Moscow: Archaeology and Architectural Investigations during the Past 10 Years:  · Preservation of Monuments by Leonid Beliaev and Alexander Veksler   · The Archaeology of Stability: Excavations in Moscow Monasteries by Leonid Beliaev   · The Romanovs' Headquarters by Leonid Beliaev and Nikolai A. Krenke

· The Antisuyu Region of the Inca Empire (Introduction)

· Mameria: An Incan Site Complex in the High-Altitude Jungles of Southeast Peru   by Gregory Deyermenjian

· An Interview with Professor Richard Burger on Machu Picchu and the Inca Empire

Book Reviews:

· The First Americans: In Pursuit of Archaeology's Greatest Mystery by J.M. Adovasio with Jake Page  reviewed by George Wisner

· Index: Athena Review, Vols. 2 & 3

· Author and Article Index

· Subject Index

[All articles listed above are contained, in their complete form,  in the printed issue.]  
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