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Journal of Archaeology, History, and Exploration Volume 4, no.1: 2004 Homo Erectus
Recent Finds:

· Homo floresiensis: A miniature human relation from Flores, Indonesia

· Homo erectus at Olorgesailie, Kenya

· Jordan Valley site shows early fire use

· Ivory animal figures from Germany's Upper Paleolithic

· Indo-European language grouping supports theory of Anatolian origins

· Looting threatens a lost ci vilization in Iran

· Lion burial in Egypt

· Pet cat from Prehistoric Cyprus

· Isthmian script decipherment challenged

· Nanterre may replace Paris as hometown of the ancient Parisii

· Vindolanda reveals Roman plumbing at Hadrian's Wall

· Acropolis marbles: world treasures in international contention

Museum Reviews:
· Metropolitan Museum of Art: Byzantium: Faith and Power reviewed by Michele A. Miller 


Archaeology on the Internet:
· Links on Homo erectus and Sardinia


Feature Articles on Homo erectus:

· Introduction: The long journey of an early human ancestor

· Glossary on Homo erectus  (paleoanthropology, anatomy, geology, etc.)

· The discovery of "Java Man" in 1891

· Discovering "Peking Man" at Zhoukoudian, China

· Saint Acheul, France: handaxes and the beginnings of paleolithic archaeology

· The Paleobiology of Homo erectus and Early Hominid Dispersal by Susan Cachel (Rutgers University)

· Homo erectus and the Emergence of Sunda in the Tethys Realm - Contributions of Potassium-based chronology in the Sangiran dome, Central Java by Roy Larick (URS Engineering), Russell Ciochon (University of Iowa)  and Yahdi Zaim (Bandung Institute of Technology)

· Out of Africa or Out of Asia? The colonization of Europe by Homo erectus by Sarah Milliken (Oxford University)

· Homo erectus in East Asia: Human Ancestor or Evolutionary Dead-End?  by Dennis A. Etler (Cabrillo College)

Worldwide Archaeology:

· The Neolithic on Sardinia by Paula K. Lazrus (St. John's University)

· Bronze Age Nuragic Culture in Sardinia: Guide to Sites and Museums by Barbara Abendschein

· Golden Lady from a Scythian Barrow along the Middle Don, South Russia by Valeri I. Guliaev (Institute of Archaeology, Moscow)

Book Reviews:

· Dragon Bone Hill: An Ice-Age Saga of Homo Erectus  by Noel T. Boaz and Russel L. Ciochon  reviewed by Dong Wei






[All articles listed above are contained, in their complete form,  in the printed issue.]  

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