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Journal of Archaeology, History, and Exploration Volume 4, No.2: 2005 Flowering of the Gothic  
Recent Finds:

· Kennewick Man Studied at Last

· Flores: New Hominin Species,  or Just a Dwarfed Human?

· Topper Site - Were Humans in America 50,000 years ago?

· Oldest Human DNA in the Americas

· Caral and the Earliest Peruvian Civilization

· Panionion Sanctuary Discovered in Southwest Turkey

· Hallstatt-A Stairway to the Bronze and Iron Ages

· Biblical Artifacts Declared Fakes



Archaeology on the Internet:
· Links on Gothic Cathedrals & Medieval Poetry



Feature Articles on Gothic Cathedrals in Northern France:

·Introduction: Flowering of the Gothic   

 - Development of Gothic Sculpture 

 - Development of Gothic Architecture   

· Ancient and Medieval Paris: A Background to the Gothic era

- Roman Paris & The Franks

- Gallo-Roman Remains beneath Notre-Dame Cathedral

- Merovingian Paris

- Paris under the Carolingians & Capetians

· Abbey Church of Saint-Denis Birthplace of Gothic Art and     Architecture

- Sculpture at Saint-Denis

- Abbot Suger's Memoirs

· Chartres Cathedral

- Chartres and its Stained Glass

· Funding the Construction of Gothic Cathedrals: Financial and Legal Realities of the Middle Ages by Wolfgang Schöller

· Picardie: The Heartland of French Gothic Cathedrals

 -Introduction to Picardie

- The Cathedral at Amiens

- The Roman Wall of Senlis

 - Beauvais Cathedral   

 · The Sculptures of Notre-Dame Cathedral at Reims by Patrick Demouy

· Rediscovering the Poets of the Gothic era

- Carmina Burana

· Glossary: Gothic Art & Architecture

Book Reviews:

·  Cobble Circles & Standing Stones  reviewed by George Wisner

· The Early Upper Paleolithic Beyond Western Europe reviewed by Sarah Milliken

  [All articles listed above are contained, in their complete form, in the printed issue.]  

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