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Athena Review Journal of Archaeology, History, and Exploration Volume 1, no. 3: 1997 New World Explorers, part I: South America
The Caribbean Antilles
· The Island Taino Culture
· Aruba
· St. Eustatius
· Turks & Caicos Islands
· First Voyage of Columbus
· Fray Ramón Pane records Taino Customs and Beliefs;  on Zemis
The Río Amazon
· The Amazon's mouth: Pinzon, de Lepe, Cabral
· The Omagua
· Tribes of the Ucayali
· Rio de la Plata
· Hans Staden and the Tupinamba
· The Quest for El Dorado
· Sebastian Cabot
Terra Firma: The North Coast
· Alonzo de Ojeda
· Third Voyage of Columbus
· Tribes of northern Colombia lowlands
· Francisco Pizarro
· Pre-Inca ruins at Tiahuanaco
· Discovery of Machu Picchu
    Early New World Migrations
PaleoIndians, Arawaks, and Caribs.

PreColumbian Pottery in the Antilles
Saladoid, Ostionoid, Chicoid.

The Vikings in Vinland
Leif Erikson and L'Anse aux Meadows.

Languages of South America
Mapping a Forest of Cultures.

Orellana and the Amazons
Trekking down the Amazon River in 1541-2.

Darwin at Tierra del Fuego
Meeting the native Fuegians in 1832-4.

Documentary Articles

Rivers seen from Space
Amazonian crossroads near Manaus.

Journal Review: Russian Archaeology
Unveiling ancient Moscow.





      [All articles listed above are contained, in their complete form, in the printed issue.]  
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