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Athena Review

Journal of Archaeology, History, and Exploration Volume 2, no.3: 2000 Romans on the Danube

Recent Finds


Asian Roots for Anthropoids


Pre-Clovis site in VA


Neanderthal DNA


London's Leading Lady


Sites in Roman Moesia and Pannonia

National Museum of Bulgaria in Sofia  by Pavlina Ilieva





 Internet Review:

The Smithsonian's Arctic Studies Website: A possible Solutrean-Clovis connection.  Reviewed by George Wisner

 Movie Review:


by Dreamworks/Universal


An ABC of Barbarian Tribes From the Alani through the Vandals, plus ancient sources

Chariot Burial in Roman Thrace by Vassilka Paunova

Carnuntum - central place on the limes, and headquarters of Marcus Aurelius by Barbara Abendschein

Durostorum - from legionary campsite to Byzantine basilicas by Rumen T. Ivanov

Documentary Articles:

The Petroglyphs of Pusharo  Peru's Amazonian riddle by Gregory Deyermenjian

Viking York   the dark-age town of Jorvik by Brenda Ralph Lewis

Dragon Ships and Viking Sagas   How heroes and rulers were laid to rest in Nordic style by Patricia Grimshaw

The Cuna of Panama: by Sherry Tesler and Philip de Souza

Book Reviews:

Clovis Revisited

by Anthony T. Boldurian and John L. Cotter. Reviewed by Dennis L. Jenkins

Prehistory in Peril

by Florence Lister Reviewed by Sally Hubbard





[All articles listed above are contained in the printed issue.]  

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